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The New Brooklyn

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Pre-Order Now For World Except EU

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Brooklyn DAC was just introduced on Oct 1 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Brooklyn is a highly anticipated DAC Preamplifier and the first stand alone DAC to incorporate future MQA streaming decoder. Brooklyn will be shipping starting in early December 2015 and will be available on first come, first served basis.

To facilitate early orders, Mytek has created a preorder program for both dealers and end customers where the delivery of the DAC is secured on first come, first served basis. Preorder customers will also receive a bonus cable bundle (Mytek Metropolis high end USB cable ($199) and two Mytek Metropolis RCA interconnects (2x$99), all 1meter/3ft).

Dealers are invited to preorder the bundle as well, at regular dealer pricing. If you are existing Mytek dealer or would like to make a new inquiry, please email Mytek at general email at this site.
Preorder offer ends on December 1st, 2015.

Brooklyn DAC Preliminary Brochure