During these unprecedented times, Mytek has made contingencies to continue to protect its clients and staff, in hopes of weathering the pandemic in the weeks ahead.

As of March 17th, 2020, Mytek US office was moved out of Brooklyn, New York to rural New York upstate location in Ballston Lake, NY., tel +1 347-384 2687, hifi/aaattt/mytekdigital.com. We will be operating from here with limited staff but as completely as we can. For the time being we maintain stock on most of Mytek products and can sell and ship them from here via UPS. Our online stores in the US and in the EU function normally. We can also receive RMA repairs - please email if RMA is needed. Tech support via ticketing system continues normally (enter via support menu tab). Any further changes to current Mytek operations will be immediately posted and announced here.

We wish all the customers the best in the days ahead and hope for quick return to normal operation.

Sincerely, Michal Jurewicz, President

MQA™ (Mastering Quality Authenticated) is the new format invented by Meridian’s Bob Stuart and mathematician Peter Craven, specifically designed for live internet streaming of unaltered original mastering quality recording to the consumer via regular streaming channel of approx 1.2 Mbits/sec. MQA is the only technology today which provides a practical way of streaming high resolution audio.

Mytek has licensed MQA™ technology from MQA Ltd in the Fall of 2015. Subsequently Mytek has released the new Brooklyn DAC which is the first quality DAC with the MQA decoder built in.

Mytek Manhattan DAC II flagship which also includes MQA hardware decoder has also been announced with shipping expected to begin in late August 2016.

Music files encoded with MQA are already available at various download sites, while a major launch of MQA streaming services is expected sometimes this Fall.


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