Mytek owes the New York City a lot. Founded in 1992 in Manhattan, at its first office at legendary Skyline Studios on 37th street in Midtown Manhattan, 3 years after arrival of its Founder, Michal Jurewicz from his native Poland, Mytek has the New York City DNA. In the 1990s heydays of the New York Recording Industry Mytek has built their first digital audio converters and headphone systems for the vibrant studio scene, from the Hit Factory to Power Station, Sony, Masterdisk , Sterling, Sear Sound, Magic Shop, RPM, Chung King, Unique, East Side Sound, Quad and countless other studios. We were integral part of the recording scene, and since 2011 we expanded into hi-fi market and became a fixture in the City vibrant audiophile scene. Despite the Polish roots we named our products after New York City landmarks and we believe the products are this good, only because of the accumulated experiences and influences and inspiration of the amazing musical and technical talents in this City.

Now, the City is in trouble. Mytek office, in order to survive as “nonessential business” was moved north outside NYC, but our hearts stayed there.

Now, it is time to give back. We want to help New York City, the best we can.

We want to help all musicians who make music we depend on, freelancers by trade left with no foreseeable income. We want to help elderly jazz musicians, who paved the way for all the rock and roll of New York. We want to help classical musicians who suddenly lost their gigs at countless musical venues in The City. We want to help DJs, bartenders and the young generation artists, many of them trying to now get by on less than $100/week. We want to support the frontline hospital staff to show our extreme appreciation. We want to help the less fortunate, who's past daily life struggles have now turned into the fight for their lives.

We encourage everybody to help. Let's help to keep the music scene in New York City alive, with even the smallest steps we can take.

Michal Jurewicz, Founder of Mytek,

New York, April 20, 2020


MYTEK will donate 10% of sales to charities on the front line in NYC through the next several months of the pandemic. We will donate 10% of our direct sales and 10% of our sales to dealers. We will report the donations at the end of each month on this web page.


If you would rather just donate directly, consider the charities below or donate to any other cause you see the urgency for.


We have found a handful of charities we would like to support initially. We may amend/add to this list as we receive more suggestions ( email mytek2020relief/aatt/ ):



Jazz Foundation located in Midtown Manhattan supports jazz musicians with Disaster Relief, Housing & Emergency Assistance, Pro Bono Medical and through Creating Employment opportunities.




Part of Recording Academy Organization MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need




Large umbrella organization providing free meals and pantry throughout New York City through many smaller organizations located in NY neighborhoods.




Mobile food truck(s) charity located in Mytek's Greenpoint neighborhood, cooking and delivering meals and food to New York's frontline hospital workers.




Local station of Food Bank NYC located in Mytek's Greenpoint neighborhood provides free meals and pantry to neighborhood residents.