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    Recently I used the streaming Mcontrol App that works with dac. I was blasted away how it sounded. I used Tidel. Compared to Roon the sound-images closer en more wide and sound is more articulated.
    I did the same test with the aiff files with Roon compared to aiff in dropbox. Same result.
    Any1 else get the same experience?
    I guess the difference is the Player Software?



    I agree on the playback from mConnect. Have you had any issues since the last fw update for the network card? I have tried mConnect and Audirvana Plus and both only play one track before quitting. The play/pause buttons on the Mac Pro running Audirvana immediately grey out and are non-functional. I have to get the iPad to control playback. I contacted the Audirvana dev and this was his reply:

    “This may mean their network card is sourced from ConversDigital (the company behind mConnect also makes network adapters for DAC manufacturers). And if this is an old model, it may be affected by their compatibility bug with UPnP. It works somewhat after having woken it up with mConnect. It seems to need this proprietary command to have UPnP correctly up and running.

    FYI, Cambridge Audio also has a similar issue, and has been working on a firmware fix. Though they have not released it so far.”

    Roon playback is fine so I will use that for now. I was just curious if anyone here were experiencing the same thing




    Love to comment on Google it.



    Nice post.

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