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Gary Paczosa is a Grammy winning producer and engineer, based in Nashville, Gary owns 2 8X192 ADDAs.
"Digital conversion has always been the weak link in my signal path, until I discovered the Myteks. I have been looking for a great converter for cutting tracks but have also been searching for a converter that could accommodate my analog inserts during mix, when I mix ”in the box”: All the versatility I was looking for, was in the 8x192 8 Channel AD/DA,and then some. I have used the Myteks on Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, John Prine, Alan Jackson and Mindy Smith”

Compare, download, sound of Mytek vs. Protools, Apogee, Benchmark, Lavry, Prism Read More


Mytek Digital to exhibit at upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Colorado

Mytek will be exhibiting at the Mariott Main Lobby right next to the registration desk. You can't miss us! We will be showcasing our new 1/2 rack USB2.0/Firewire Stereo 192-DSD DAC converter designed for mastering and high end playback applications. We will have all three versions of the new DAC on display. Please stop by and see us!

Mytek European Online Store Now Offers 15 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and Same Pricing as in the US. 

Mytek is now offering 15 DAYS SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE at the EU internet store (only) to facilitate experiencing Mytek sound and quality for users not yet familiar with the brand. Any product bought at this store can be returned within 15 days of arrival no questions asked. See details at: Mytek European Online Store.

Transparent and accurate Mytek Stereo96 series easily competes with multi $K industry heavy weights in recent shootout and tests in Pro Audio Review Magazine.

Mytek Stereo96adc and dac converters despite its reasonable price, are consistently winning  shootouts against other much more expensive brands time and time again. In  recent extensive tests and shootouts by Pro Audio Review Magazine Mytek again ended up ontop when it came to sound  fidelity. Mytek converters are primarly designed for the most transparency, they do not add color or shape sound in any way, rather, they capture all details and nuances of original signal, retaining solid imaging and frequency balance.  Please read the article here